Are you feeling out of balance?

Good Vibrations Holistic Therapies uses Biofield Tuning, CranioSacral Therapy, and mindfullness techniques to calm your nervous system and allow your body to find harmony. 

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My Offerings

Biofield Tuning allows you to dig deeper into self exploration using a specific tuning fork technique. Tuning forks are used on and around the body to help bring balance to you and your energetic field.  The vibration and sound from the forks help peel away layers of stuck energy, thus helping your body to find and maintain harmony.

*Online Sessions Available*

Relax and unwind as you surrendor to the soothing sounds in these group Sound Bath Meditations.  These events are are great introduction into the world of meditation and the healing power of sound.  If you feel called to the use of sound for healing and meditation, then join me in these monthly gatherings to connect deeper and feel more present.

This is a very gentle manual technique used to promote relaxation, thus allowing the body to self regulate.  I work with soft, intentional touch to help release areas of tension within the central nervous system and bring in balance. This technique allows space for the  the body to unwind and open up to be able to  heal itself.

Biofield Tuning Therapy in Nashville

Sound Therapy and Trauma Processing


"I really valued the connection that Alison made. As she scanned the chakras I felt by solar plexus and third eye were a little stuck. I felt her work into this section. I found a I had a tightness in my solar plexus that started to ease. I also really enjoyed the use of voice in this session."

-Annie N.

"I really enjoyed my vibrational sound therapy sessions with Alison. Her presence is gentle and calm, but at the same time very powerful.  I completed 3 sessions so far both in-person and virtually. I absolutely loved my in-person session and was a little skeptical that I would get the same effects from a virtual session. Surprisingly, I found that with the virtual sessions, I was able to get to a deeper state of relaxation just by being in the comforts of my own home. 

Following all my sessions I found myself feeling invigorated and clear minded. I also found that I had significant reduction in joint pain and discomfort with each session. I would highly recommend Alison and plan to continue sessions virtually."

-April R.

"Cannot recommend the biofeild tuning fork session enough! I have struggled with chronic pain for years and this session made me feel more grounded, in touch with my body, and centered.  Helps to clear out the things you might not even be aware that you're carrying around with you."

-Erin G.